Shazam Bolt$

Keep an Eye on Your Account – From Anywhere, Anytime

SHAZAM BOLT$ gives you all the tools you need to identify suspicious activity on your account – immediately as transactions post. After downloading the app and telling it which purchases you’d like to keep an eye on, you can receive email alerts 24/7 whenever a suspicious debit card purchase is made. You’ll also receive alerts when a purchase hits your account and a card wasn’t swiped (think Internet or over-the-phone orders). SHAZAM BOLT$ can also email you anytime a purchase was made in a foreign country.

Shazam Bolt$

We offer several ways to sign up, all of which are at NO COST TO YOU!

sign up now

  1. Click our "Sign Up Now button" once you been redirected, select "New Mobile Card User"
  2. Visit your app store to download the app:
    Google Play Apple Store
  3. If you would like additional assistance, you can ask a South Story Bank & Trust representative how to download SHAZAM BOLT$ today.

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Soon you'll be able to quickly and easily locate nearby ATMs using the ATM Locator.